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      3. 聚友棋牌

        OEM Parts

        OEM Forklift Components Business
        As the leading brand of China forklift industry, Hangcha has formed OEM parts development and sales business with complete range, reliable quality and rapid response, on the basis of strong production capacity and efficient supply chain.

        1. Manufacturing
        Warehouse management
        Welding: Robot welding becomes commonplace in the metalworking industrial settings, gains greater weld quality. The use of robots in arc welding help to minimize labor costs in mass production.
        • Press fitting
        • Cutting
        2. Components and parts
        Welded structure

        Hydraulic components: Heavy equipment is a common example as hydraulic machines using liquid fluid power to do simple work.
        1. Hydraulic gear pump, mainly suitable for pressures below 20Mpa
        2. Directional control valves
        3. Hydraulic cylinder / hydraulic transmission / brakes
        4. Filters
        5. Tubes, pipes and hoses
        6. Seals, fittings and connections

        Cast steering bridge, gearbox case, wheel hub, brake hub, and drive axle housing
        Castings: Mostly used for making complex shapes in the engineering machinery industry that would be otherwise difficult or uneconomical to make by other methods. Typical parts are included in drive axle, steering axle, balance block, etc. of forklift trucks.

        • Forgings usually require further
          machining to achieve a finished part.
          Typical part used in engineering machinery
          are the steering knuckle, or drive shaft.
        • Forging, steering knuckle,
          drive shaft, etc.
          Forged parts: Widely used in
          mechanisms and machines wherever a
          component requires high strength.
        • Stamping parts
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