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      3. 聚友棋牌

        Our ICCB XF Series 1-3.5T Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Truck is manufactured by combining Hangcha's manufacturing experience and the latest production technology. It can use diesel, gasoline and LPG as the fuel, with dual-fuel also available. In addition, this series of products all have a load center of 500mm, which means that the distance from the centre of gravity of the load to the front face of the fork shank is 500mm.

        As a professional XF Series 1-3.5T Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Truck manufacturer and supplier in China, Hangcha also offers J Series 1.3-2T forklift (three wheel, front drive), J Series 1-3.5T forklift (four wheel), internal combustion tow tractor, and more.

        Related Names
        High Productivity Combustion Motor Counterbalance Carry Truck | Environmental Friendly Internal Combustion Motor Forklift Truck | Comfortable Operation Combustion Engine Equilibrium Fork Truck